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Tianjin Armorus Textiles Co.,LTD, established in 2007, is a very professional developer & supplier of personal protection and self-defense equipment for Police and Army, public security, etc. we take advantage of the modern advanced technology in high-tech synthetic materials (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fiber and Aramid fiber), and devote ourselves to developing and supplying advanced body armors and security equipment to match the requirements of our valued customers worldwidely. with years dedicated professionalism we possess abundant experiences technically and commercially in the industry, and we are proud that we are now supplying our products to increasingly more countries to protect more police officers and soldiers in service against deadly threats in high-risk environments or battlefields.

The body armors that Tianjin Armorus Textiles Co.,LTD supplies are officially tested in standard conditions and certified by national test center as well as international accredited laboratory (H.P. White Laboratory), and prove to be fully compatible with the prevailing NIJ standards or other popular standards, thus become ideal choices for national police and armed force, public security, etc. our products mainly include ballistic Polyethylene (PE) fabric, bulletproof vest, bulletproof helmet, ballistic plate, bulletproof shield, ballistic visor / mask / bag, ballistic / bomb blanket, rigid ballistic panel for armored vehicle, anti-riot suit / helmet / shield, knife-resistant vest, etc. now we have customers & endusers from many countries including Indonesia, Mexico, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Nigeria, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Paraguay, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Chile, Greece, etc.

Tianjin Armorus Textiles Co.,LTD always pay great attention to customers' demands, and attach top importance to business integrity and credibility from where we grow in harmony with our customers. While providing excellent-quality, cost-effectiveness and necessary warranty, we gain the satisfaction from and establish a long-term friendly relationship from with our existing customers at home or abroad.


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