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Bomb protective suit (BSS)


*Bomb protective suit with fragment-resistant helmet and visor.

*Overall body protection with reinforced protection for vital organs.

*Excellent flexibility and mobility in modular detachable design with low weight.

This bomb suit is the necessary equipment when armored personnel are ready to detect the explosives. It has the characteristic of overall body protection, superb performance, shock wave resistance and excellent flexibility.

The bomb suit is made up of head protection system, full torso protector and limbs guard. the head protection system consists of non-mental ballistic helmet and transparent PC visor. the internal soft protective material for torso and limbs is Aramid fabric, and the hard ballistic plate for chest and abdomen is made from Aramid composite material. the cover fabric for torso and limbs protective material is waterproof and flame-retardant polyester fabric.

The total weight of such a set of bomb protective suit is around 16 kg.


Basic components
Protective jacket with sleeves protective trousers Protective helmet
Transparent face shield / visor Chest plate Abdomen plate
Neck protector Hands & feet guard guard packing bag


Explosive fragment resistance standard (V 50)

Position V 50 (m/s) Position V50 (m/s) Position V50 (m/s)
Helmet 573 Neck 481 Elbows 481
Face shield 528 Shoulders 481 Legs 481
Chest 972 Arms 481 Knees 481
Abdomen 972 Hands 481 Feet 481
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